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About Us

Bridgewater Festival Of Lights is an organized event run as a non-profit corporation known as Star Light Charities Inc. The board is comprised of volunteers who donate their time and energy to make the exhibit a wonderful success. 

In 2003, Dale & Cindy Higgins of Alexander Dr decided to put a small Christmas display together to help celebrate the holiday season. At that time there was around 35,000 lights and two little village houses. The following year Dale & Cindy brought on Bob & Marilyn Smith with Linda Millett to help put the display together. They also brought in the local Lions club of Bridgewater to help raise money for there charities.

starlight charities

The display continued to grow with more & more visitors every year that the small group decided to start their own charity and called it Star Light Charities Inc. The light display now has over 200,000 lights with 6-village house with little elves and people making candy, toys, and many other things.

The festival of lights has grown far beyond what Dale & Cindy ever thought possible. Over the years the organization has raised well over $25,000 dollars for charities and depend on many sponsors to help pay the bills of the festival. At one time it was talked about moving the festival of lights to a larger location due to the thousands of visitors the festival gets and how much the display has grown. This display is located in a personal residence on Alexander Dr. however it was decided to keep the festival in it’s present location to keep cost down and be able to raise more money to help others. Because that’s what Christmas is all about, helping others.