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Schedule of Events

Notice!!!!! The Festival of Lights is closed for good!!! Edaville Railroad in Carver Ma has purchased the houses and most of the displays and lights. Please take a ride down to Edaville to see their display, go on rides and Ride the Real Cranberry Bog Train. .

We wish to thank everyone who has come out to support us over the years. It has been a fantastic event in our lives, but it has proven to be too much work for us to maintain and it has been very hard on our neighbors with the amount of traffic generated during the festival, although there was never any serious complaints.

  The Bridgewater Festival Of Lights Closed on December 25th, 2012.

Bridgewater Events






Why is it important to donate at the festival? The Bridgewater Festival Of Lights is run by a non-profit organization (Star Light Charities) that depends on sponsorships from local business to pay for operations and up keep. None of the money from donations is used to pay for this. The festival employs many volunteers to set up and run the festival. No one is paid for the time and effort they give. No one on the board of directors is paid for what they do and all the different organizations like Lions that participate are all volunteers. We work very hard in December to produce this wonderland for families, to raise money to help others. By you donating not only are you helping others, you are saying thank you to everyone involved for putting on this wonderful show. Your donations will go to local needy families and organizations like the Lions Eye Research, the Italian Orphanage Home, Toys for Tots, Our service men and women in Iraq and other local programs.


We will be collecting  Can / Dry goods for the Food Pantry every night of the Festival. Containers will be located at the entrance to the Light show for your convenience.

Thank you for your support

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.